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At IndianGirlsAtPhone we offer hot Phone Chat Lines, available from the most important cities of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, our team and girls are focussed in bring telephone pleasure to all our clients: Aunties, Bhabhis and Desi Girls are available to chat with you, all our numbers have access from mobile. our 24/7 service is absolutely anonymous our girls never call you back and your data and phone number are being protected by our platform. Don't wait and add now our number to your phone contacts and enjoy of an adult phone chat session where and when you want. Happy telephone affair!!!

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Sweet Aamna

Language: BENGALI - Call her at 0050948893932

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Sexy Chaxu

Language: HINDI - Call her at 0050948894135

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Hot Beeja

Language: BENGALI - Call her at 0050948893931

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Erotic Cheena

Language: HINDI - Call her at 006745591388

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Dirty Paksha

Language: PUNJABI - Call her at 0032463040966

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Busty Haneet

Language: URDU - Call her at 0032463040962

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Naughty Krishanu

Language: PUNJABI - Call her at 0032463040967

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Horny Tanni

Language: URDU - Call her at 0032463040962

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Crazy Ehani

Language: PUNJABI - Call her at 006745590650

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Devil Eeshta

Language: PUNJABI - Call her at 0032463040964

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Wet Havya

Language: PUNJABI - Call her at 0050948893996

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Frequently asked questions

How to enjoy the Phone Chat Line?

it's easy, only select your country or language and call to our sexy desi girls, see our options to chat, you can call from your mobile or local phone, you don't need to register or bring your credit card data for join the conversation. only need a phone or VoIP service provider, remember our desi girls are online 24/7.

My phone number is protected?

Our platform is one of the most secure on the world, your number never be revealed to strange people, our girls dont have access to your personal data, the telephone services are completely anonymous.

Can i talk with the same girl again?

Our chat rooms are animated by different desi girls, they have a schedule to work if you have a preferred girl you can call ever at the same hour, this way you can sure to get a new conversation with the same girl, by the way always we have anonymous members that get join our services.

The phone services are for free?

The erotic phone services are attended by real desi girls, the girls have a rate per minute, that fee depend on your phone company, you need to check the fares with them, the cost of service will be charged directly on your phone bill. Our Sex chat services and stories services are: on demand. if you want to chat 1 minute or 1 hour our girls will be glad to receive your call.

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